Pacific Coast Iron Growing focus into the Rental Market – Greater Sacramento, CA

PCI started off as a heavy equipment dealership and over time the business grew with more diversity in rentals, service, and repairs to better all our client’s needs.

While doing so, the rental movement took over in today’s heavy equipment economy. There has been an abundance of statistics showing that the nations rental market just keeps climbing. For example, there have been surveys that show compact truck loaders that were being rented, jumped up 925% in a three-year span.

This trend seems to be proving it’s sticking around for good. Many people throw up the question that why wouldn’t they just buy a piece of equipment versus renting it. They also want to know how renting benefits them as a company and how much the cost difference is.

Many construction projects differ so much from job to job whether it’s for a business or even personal use. When things are different, and you must specialize per job, certain equipment that you own might just sit there collecting dust leading to equipment depreciation.

Whereas if you rented only what you needed, your costs are lower for the short-term plan. A specific rental payment is much more cost-effective than a long-term loan payment for something you may or may not always use. Also, in most cases, you can use your rental fees as a deductible for your business.

Advantages of Renting over Buying

PCI Equipment Rentals is one of the premier equipment rental companies in northern California. We offer a wide variety of unit’s available for rent in Greater Sacramento and surrounding areas.

When you rent a piece of equipment from PCI and end up liking it, you can buy it, or we can find another unit exactly like it. Renting gives you that sense of test driving it to see if it’s something you want to invest in for the future.

Heavy equipment can also be quite costly when it comes time for routine maintenance and repairs and when you rent, you do not have to deal with any of that. PCI takes pride in how meticulous we are with the upkeep on our units. Every piece goes out ready to work.

With renting, another plus is you are not paying to store a piece of equipment when not in use. If you do have enough capital, storage and primary usage for a piece of equipment, then buying may be for you but in most cases, renting is the better economical choice. When choosing PCI, we can meet your every need.

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